Brian & Stephanie | PROPOSAL

This past Friday, I had the true pleasure of documenting a marriage proposal at the beautiful South Point Park on Miami Beach. Brian had contacted me with a perfect plan to surprise his lovely girlfriend, Stephanie: along the long winding, romantically-lit, path, he'd walk hand-in-hand with her and upon getting to same spot along the shore where they'd shared their first kiss years ago, he'd drop to his knee and ask her to marry him then suddenly- camera flashes would start going off- making the whole moment with dramatic surprise! What an awesome challenge it was for me to shoot this monumental experience for the two of them in such dark open space, all while being inconspicuous (thank God for ISO and Camera Raw settings!) and with my own tears getting in the way.
Congratulations Brian and Stephanie!

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Eternity begins and ends with the ocean's tides. --Unknown

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