Lisa and Heath's wedding was held at the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio on New Years Eve! I've been to the conservatory many times and have never seen it in this light. With the reception to span over midnight to welcome in the new year, the sparkling holiday lights and glow throughout the conservatory created a warming and celebratory ambiance.

Under a canopy of palms and soft spotlights, Lisa and Heath were joined by their friends and family for a romantic ceremony.

The groom's incredibly talented mother designed and set up all the decor, complete with sparkly accents that paired perfectly with the spirit of the celebration.

And at the strike of midnight, everyone celebrated by welcoming the new year together!

. . .

As I packed my gear and left the happy couple for the night, the many memories of experiences from 2010 came streaming through my mind. I was stuck just thinking about what a truly a great year it had been and felt a deep thankfulness for each and every couple who'd welcomed me into their lives. Here's to a new year, new experience, and many new couples! Happy 2011!