As a follow up to our internationally recognized and published Styling Amorgos editorial shot on Amorgos, Greece in October ’14, designer extraordinaire Kasey of Bliss Event Design and myself, Photographer/ Art Director- led an all star creative team once again to produce another dreamy visual story, photographed on the lush Hawaiian island of Maui. 

Inspired by every element of life found on Maui, Hawaii, this illustrates the story of a modern Bride and Groom as they celebrate the destination wedding adventure of a lifetime in this off-the-beat location— bringing together the best in surf-life, Polynesian style, modern design and natural island elements. 

This editorial is the featured cover story for this season's issue of Destination I Do, the travel publication for engaged couples and romance travelers! Find it on newsstands nationwide now!

Mahalo to our beautiful models, gracious hosts, and our incredible team of creatives and national brand sponsors:

Host Venue, Rentals & Catering: Montage Kapalua Bay
Models: Maui locals- Carli & Chase as Bride and Groom, Jessica as Bridesmaid
Designer & Coordinator: Kasey Conyers of Bliss Event Design
Photographer & Creative Director: Amanda Julca
Production Assistant & Assistant Stylist: Kate Hare
Cinematographers: Little Tree Studios
Hair Stylist: Vera Joyce Hair Studio
Make Up Artist: Ry-n Shimabuku
Floral Designer: Elaine of JacksonDurham
Cake Designer: Cake Fanatics
Bride and Bridesmaid Wardrobe & Accessories: Free PeopleLa Jeune Mariee Bridal & BridesmaidsKirribilla
Groom Wardrobe & Accessories: Bucketfeet, Beau Ties
Hand Painted Stationery: Momental Design
Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen

Enjoy this film piece created by Little Tree Studios and take a look into the behind the scenes as we created this story here.

// Ashley Baxter for FREE PEOPLE Maui

I am thrilled to share this recent sunset shoot with Maui professional water athlete and all around genuine soul, Ashley Baxter, shot for Free People. Read Ashley's take on Hawaii life and see more images, on the brand's blog here.

Model: Ashley Baxter
Styling: Collaboration Free People + Amanda Julca
Creative Director: Amanda Julca
Location: Launiupoko Beach | Maui, Hawaii

// this magic moment

Another magic moment from the road... 

Growing up, my dad acquired his dream car- a '64 1/2 chantilly gold Mustang Convertible. She was a classic beauty and immediately became an integral part of our family. To us, she represented freedom and the open road. On warm Ohio days, we shared moments cruising through town, top down, music up, and smiles wide. Sadly, while I was in high school, we lost her in an unfortunate house fire. Years since- her legacy lives on and any time I see another classic Mustang, I have to stop, reminisce and admire. 

A couple weeks back in Maui, en route to an editorial shoot for Free People I drove past the most beautiful 1967 arcadian blue coup parked quietly in a sparkling shadow and of course, had to u-turn to soak up some time in her presence and snapped some iPhone shots to remember the moment. 


As fate would have it, just an hour later, while firing off frames of my gorgeous model strolling along the coastal Honoapiilani Highway, the same classic '67 beauty drifted past, passing right through the scene - making this my favorite image from the shoot. Magic moments, my friends. They're always there for us when we least expect them.

Check back soon to see more from this free spirited Maui editorial with surf babe Ashley Baxter for FREE PEOPLE, soon! 


"Few places in the world will ask for a piece of your heart, and you will gladly leave it behind..." 

Last October, a team of creatives assembled by Kasey of Bliss Event Design, set sail for the magical Aegean Island of Amorgos, Greece to create this destination editorial. As we began our adventure on the island, we soon realized the romance of this destination would speak to us in ways unimaginable, offering moments of magic for us to capture from start to finish. Inspired by every element of the island, we created a story that celebrates that romance and the love shared by two. 

An enormous thank you to our beautiful models, our gracious hosts and the incredible team of creatives:

Host Venue: Aegialis Hotel & Spa | Amorgos, Greece
Models: Locals to island: Kalliovi, Kallia & Stavros
Designer & Creative Director: Bliss Event Design
Photographer & Creative Director:  Amanda Julca
Cinematographers: Little Tree Studios
Floral Designer: HeatherLily
Hair Stylist: Vera Joyce
Make Up Artist: Anthie of Aegialis
Bridal Wardrobe: La Jeune Mariee Bridal & Bridesmaids
Groom's Accessories: Beau Ties
Hand Painted Stationery: Momental Designs
StationeryCoral Pheasant
Local Transportation: Blue Star Ferries

The story is currently featured in this season's issue of Destination I Do. See the full spread here, and find it on newsstands now!

Enjoy the film piece of this editorial by Little Tree Studios here and follow along to take a look into the behind the scenes of us creating the story.

// Featured : DESTINATION INSPIRATION~ GREECE for Destination I Do

The Amorgos team and I are thrilled to have our Greek-island Inspired editorial featured in the current issue of Destination I Do, the national publication for engaged couples and romance travelers.

Follow along here to see the entire story! 


Several weeks back, we found ourselves on the golden coast of Malibu for this indigo-inspired Free People editorial. Read the full story, as written by stylist and editor, Joanna Rentz, on the brand's blog here.

Models: Jamie, Sofia and Halley
Stylist & Writer: Joanna Rentz
Creative Director: Amanda Julca
Location: El Matador Beach | Malibu, California

// this magic moment

As I wait at my gate en route to Eleuthera, I figure it's a fine time for a little travel tale from this on-the-move photographer. The last time I set off for this island, things certainly didn't run as smoothly as today.

Let's just say I made a handful of fellow passengers and our entire staff of the small charter airline pretty upset when I held up our departure for over an hour because I forgot my passport (a mistake NEVER to be made again). I had to personally beg each person for mercy to let the pilot wait on me and sent my husband on mission impossible up and down I-95 to deliver the passport. After an hour of passengers whispering and staring me down, I had my passport in hand and we boarded a plane that had an uncanny resemblance to downed Oceanic815 from the set of LOST. The second we got in the sky, just out the windows was a rainbow in the clouds.. the mood instantly lifted and I promised the passengers a drink on me later that night at the local bar. The pilot invited me into the co-pilot chair, where I was able to spend the rest of the flight photographing and admiring the turquoise underwater mountainscape below. 

That night, I shared beer with half the passengers and when I returned to Miami I brought a tray of pastries to the airline staff. Reconciliation, you know.. 

About a year later, I learned the airline went under for unlawful and unregulated operation of international charters. Ops. 

Moral of the story: Life is an adventure my friends. Full of opportunity to make the most out of regretful situations, opportunities to connect with others, and to see new things.
Also important to note: never forget your passport and definitely do not operate an illegal airline.

And on that note, I'm now signing off for take off...